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AdvokatNytt was an illegal newspaper from 1941 - 1944. Anyone who wrote or read this newspaper could be killed by the Nazis. It played a significant role in the Norwegian resistance.


We are honouring these brave men, by making this newspaper. Some of the people working for AdvokatNytt are directly related to the ones which worked for AdvokatNytt during WW2.


AdvokatNytt today service a rich selection of articles curated by Talking Law’s expert editorial team.


AdvokatNytt is the Norwegian premiere source for trusted and timely legal news and analysis. Subscribers to the site can access stories from across national and regional publications, with the opportunity to view news by practice area. Each practice area offers a rich selection of articles, curated by Talking Laws’s expert editorial team. In addition, AdvokatNytt features views from leading voices in the legal field through all legal news feed.


AdvokatNytt has own sections/login for the student. It offers news from legal Universities across the world and is the most read legal paper among University students in Norway.


Readers may access Talking Laws’s award-winning content on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


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